КП «Міжнародний аеропорт Одеса»

The trade union

The primary trade union organization of aviation workers  "Odesa International Airport" is part of the Trade Union of Aviation Workers of Ukraine.


Rights and obligations of union members


The trade union operates on the basis of Ukrainian legislation and has the right to:

  • to represent and protect the social and labor rights and legitimate interests of members of the trade union;
  • promote employment of workers;
  • enter into collective agreements and monitor their implementation;
  • to take part in the settlement of collective labor disputes;
  • exercise trade union control over compliance with legislation on labor protection;
  • take part in the collegial management bodies of the organization;
  • freely distribute information about their activities;
  • hold gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, picketing;
  • to take part in the social and political life of the society, including in production companies.


A member has the right to:

  • on protection by the trade union of its social and labor rights and interests;
  • enjoy the benefits provided for employees by the collective agreement and agreements;
  • to take part in the activities of the trade union, to make proposals for the improvement of the regulatory framework aimed at increasing the level of guarantees in the sphere of its social and labor rights and interests;
  • free advice and legal assistance with questions relating to the activities of the trade union;
  • to take part in the development, discussion and decision-making, to receive information about the activities of the Trade Union;
  • select and be elected delegate to trade union conferences and congresses, to elected trade union bodies;
  • receive financial assistance from the means of the Trade Union;
  • receive benefits:
    • for spa vouchers,
    • for trips to summer children's camps,
    • on weekend excursions,
    • free entry to sports facilities.


Union member must:

  • observe the Charter of the Trade Union, to take part in the activities of the Trade Union;
  • be registered in the primary organization of the trade union at the main place of work;
  • perform the duties stipulated by the collective agreement, agreements;
  • promote the growth of the authority of the Trade Union, not to allow actions harmful to the Trade Union;
  • a person who has been expelled or voluntarily left the Trade Union, loses the right to be protected by the Union, to use its property, benefits.