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Access to public information and appeal of citizens



Law of Ukraine "Оn access to public information"


Decisions, actions or omissions of information managers can be appealed to the head of the administrator, the supreme body or the court in accordance with Art. 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On access to public information."

The provision of public information is carried out in response to a request for information. In order to simplify the procedure for processing requests for information, it is proposed to submit a request by filling in the appropriate forms of requests for information.


The request for information should contain:

- the name of the requester, mailing address or electronic address almost, as well as the number of the communication method, if any;

- a general description of the information or the type, name, details or content of the document in respect of which the request was made, if the requester knows this;


- signature and date on the condition of the request in writing.


Law of Ukraine  "On Citizens` Appeals"



Under the appeal of citizens should be understood set out in writing or verbally sentences (comments), statements (motions) and complaints. 


The appeal must include the name, report, place of residence of the citizen, the essence of the issue raised, comments, suggestions, statements or complaints, requests or demands.  A written appeal must be signed by the applicant (s) with the date. The electronic application must also indicate the electronic mailing address to which the applicant may receive a response, or information about other means of communication with him.


The use of electronic digital signature when sending an electronic appeal is not required.



The appeal, executed without complying with the specified requirements, is returned to the applicant with the corresponding explanations.


Appeals duly executed and submitted in the prescribed manner are subject to mandatory acceptance and consideration.